17 June 2008


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12 November 2007


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Beautiful lighting courtesy of the late afternoon sun shining through smoke from the Harris fire.

04 October 2007


From the SDCCS Garden. Still in its planning stages, but some flowerboxes have been planted.

I am amazed by the camera firmware that I flashed on my phone.

02 August 2007

The Gate

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There is every reason for me to be allowed through; so why am I so apprehensive about confronting the gatekeeper?

19 July 2007

Reflecting Pond

Reflecting Pond
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Looking across the reflecting pond toward El Prado, in front of the Botanical Gardens.

El Cid

El Cid 7-10-2007 9-59-12 PM
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Statue of El Cid along Presidents Way, before El Prado. According to myth, when a horse is depicted with one foot off the ground, its rider was wounded in battle, and died later.

24 May 2007


Swing-shot: Set auto-timer and swing cameraphone around by lanyard.